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What if something goes wrong during my non-emergency transport?

As a non-emergency transport service, we provide safe and secure ways to transport patients with a variety of medical needs to and from their doctors, rehabilitation, and treatment appointments.

We are able to take care of patients who use wheelchairs or may have a variety of medical needs. At the same time, we are very different from an ambulance service. We are not an emergency medical provider. Therefore, if patients feel that they need medical attention right away, they should call 911 instead of us.

On the other hand, we know that emergencies can happen during a trip to or from an appointment. This includes emergencies that could take place during our trips. If this happens, we will take a few precautions.

If There Is an Emergency

If something goes wrong during the trip and it creates an emergency situation, the first thing we are going to do is call 911. We will ask to speak to a 911 operator and will follow the instructions of the medical professional on the other end of the line. If the provider asks us to take the patient to the emergency room, we will do that. If the provider wants us to stay put and wait for an ambulance to come to us, we can do that as well. Our professionals are different from the EMS specialists who work on ambulances. We do not administer medical assistance.

If There is a Non-Emergency Situation

Sometimes, something can go wrong during the trip but it does not create a life-threatening medical emergency. If this situation does not require us to call 911, we will try to reach out to someone who knows the patient. This could be a family member or a doctor who is familiar with the patient. That is why we ask for additional contact information when someone signs up for our service. We want to know who to talk to if something goes wrong during the trip. We will get in touch with someone who is familiar with the patient and ask what we should do. If this means taking the patient to the emergency room, a doctor’s appointment, or back home, we can do this. Trust us to take care of your loved one.

We Have Trained Professionals in Non-Emergency Transport

Many of the patients we transport on a daily basis are living with chronic medical problems. Therefore, we know that there is a chance that something could go wrong. That is why we have trained professionals who work on our transport teams who know how to respond in times of stress. We undergo extensive training and drills to handle these situations. We know who to call and we understand how to follow instructions. This allows us to keep your loved one safe.

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If you are looking for non-emergency medical transport services for either yourself or your loved one, then please give us a call today. We have the latest equipment in the field and our professionals will get your loved one to their appointment while keeping them safe. Contact us today to book your next trip!

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