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Is Private Wheelchair Transportation Safe?

There are lots of people who rely on a wheelchair to help them with their mobility. As a non-emergency transport service, we know how to transport patients safely to and from their medical appointments even while using a wheelchair. There are several precautions that we take to make sure that every patient who uses our services, including those who rely on a wheelchair, are safely transported to and from their appointments.

Helping Patients Into Our Vehicle

If you are asking, “is private wheelchair transport safe,” the answer is, yes! We have specialized equipment that helps us lift wheelchairs into and out of our vehicles easily and safely. First, we make sure that the lock brakes are on before our patients are moved. We also use a safety belt to make sure that our patients are safe during the transfer process. If there are footrests on the wheelchair, this is not a problem. We are used to working with these as well. We understand that the transfer process can be stressful for individuals who use a wheelchair. That is why we take every precaution possible to keep our patients both safe and comfortable.

Allowing the Patient to Voice Any Concerns

We have the latest tools in all of our vehicles to ensure that the rider is safe. We will make sure that our riders are firmly fastened in place as they sit upright in their chair. Our professionals also provide our riders with an opportunity to voice any concerns they might have during the process. We know that our riders have been through this process before and they know what works for them.

Advanced Securement Systems in Private Wheelchair Transport Vehicles

Safety belts are the law in nearly every state and this applies to those who use a wheelchair. That is why we position every shoulder and lap belt properly in our vehicles.

This also ensures that our passengers are never in danger or injury while riding in our vehicles. To prevent this from happening, we ensure the shoulder belt and lap belt are positioned firmly against the pelvis, chest, and shoulder. We do this because the belts that come with wheelchairs might not have been crash-tested (unless they are WC19-complaint). That is why we go the extra mile for our patients. Safety is our priority.

We also anchor the wheelchair itself using a four-point tie-down system. This keeps the wheelchair stationary. Using brackets that have been installed to the bottom of the wheelchair, limits movement, and increases safety. If you are looking for a safe, non-emergency transport service for someone in a wheelchair, then look no further than us. This is far safer than trying to transport a loved one in a wheelchair by yourself.

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These are only a few of the numerous precautions that we take to ensure our patients who use wheelchairs are safe during their journey to and from appointments. If you need a non-emergency transport service to help you or a loved one get to your next medical appointment, give us a call today! We would be happy to give you a ride to your next doctor’s visit.

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