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How Far Will Express Transportation Drive?

We know that there are lots of people who are depending on medical transport services to take them or their loved ones to and from medical appointments. We understand that there are lots of questions that people heave when it comes to our medical transport providers.

One of the most common questions that we get is about how far we will drive. There are a few important points that we would like everyone to know.

Where Will We Go?

We are here to serve the areas around Coastal Virginia and Hampton Roads. We know that this encompasses a lot of territories. Some of the most common locations that we drive to and pick up from include:

  • Virginia Beach
  • Chesapeake
  • Norfolk
  • Hampton
  • Suffolk
  • Newport News
  • Portsmouth
  • Richmond

We would like everyone to note that we have a lot of flexibility in where we will go and how far we will drive. Sometimes, we are able to drive further than other days. This all depends on how man appointments we have booked for a single day. If we have time in our schedule, then we can drive a bit farther to pick someone up and drive them to their appointment. When someone calls to book an appointment, we will be open and transparent about our ability to drive a certain distance on that day. The farther out someone calls, the better the chances that we can meet their demands when it comes to distance traveled.

The Role of Distance

We know that our clients depend on us to get them to and from their doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, rehab appointments, and even cancer treatments. That is why we will do everything we can to rearrange our driver’s schedules to make sure that we can meet the needs of everyone who calls to book an appointment with us.

At the same time, we also want to let everyone know that how far we have to drive is going to play a role in the price of the trip. The farther we go, the longer the trip is going to take and the more gas this is going to consume. Therefore, the price of the trip is going to go up. We want everyone to know that we are totally transparent when it comes to our pricing. We will never surprise anyone with a bill for our services. we will let everyone know in advance of the trip how much the price of the trip will be calculated.

Contact us Today To Learn More About Our Medical Transport Services

We know that you might be relying on a family member or a friend to take you to and from your medical appointments; however, if you have special needs, a wheelchair, or a walker, then you need to rely on trained professionals who have the equipment to get you to and from your appointments safely. That is where we come in. We are here to help you with your non-emergency transportation needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our non-emergency transportation services can help you get to and from your appointments!

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